Compiling on Windows

What you need
  • Microsoft(R) Visual Studio 2010 or higher
  • Microsoft(R) Visual C++ Runtime 2012
  • QtSDK installed at C:\QtSDK
  • Supported batch commands (should always be true on every windows installation)
  • Git Extensions or ToritoiseGit for accessing the Git repo
  • Recommend Msysgit for best git support on windows and make sure to have "Git Bash Here" in explorer context menus

Downloading the Git
  1. Download/Install GitExtensions and select msysgit when it asks
  2. Make a folder called mupen
  3. Right click on the folder and do GitExtensions -> Clone
  4. Make sure the selected root folder is the directory above mupen, and mupen is set as the name of the folder

Pushing git changesets to codeplex
  1. Right click on the mupen folder and click on "Git Bash Here"
  2. Once the command line has showed up, type the line: git push --progress "origin" master:master
This will push the master branch to codeplex, and it will ask for your codeplex login.

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